I would like to travel to Dominican Republic because I am from there from my dad side. My dad is from a part named, Santiago.

My boyfriend is from Dominican Republic, the part he is from is called, La Capital. He usually goes on December because its the most fun month to go. You see everyone outside, gathering with family, drinking and smoking hookah and having long conversations, especially if you are a family member coming from the USA, the family would love to hear how life is in the USA because there is a HUGE difference it is just their way of enjoying their living habits and lastly enjoying that hot weather.In Dominican Republic, there is no such thing of the cold.

This is my boyfriend in Dominican Republic on December 22nd, 2017.

I want to go to Dominican Republic because one I never been on a plane before and I never traveled out of the country. The farthest place i traveled was Lehigh Acres, Florida.

I am mostly a caribbean lover where the sun is glazing through the country and its sunny and hot because I believe there is so much opportunities to do especially in Dominican Republic, such as: